You should try curling. It’s an approachable sport with lots of opportunities for socializing. If you live in an area with cold winters, think of it like golfing for the winter months.

Joe Bonniwell Curling

It’s easy to try and doesn’t require any fancy equipment to get started. Many curling clubs host “Learn to Curl” events throughout the season (especially in the fall and spring) which are designed specifically to teach you the basics and give you a feel for the sport.

The game itself is great for learning because the skill and coordination needed to begin playing is low, but there is plenty of room for mastery and improvement so it doesn’t get stale or boring. Here is the quick 2 minute introduction video that we show at all of our Learn to Curl events.

By far, my favorite aspect of curling is the social side of the sport. From shaking hands before and after the match, to sitting down for a post game drink with the other team, it really is a fantastic way to meet people.

If you are looking for something to make the winters go by faster, a great way to meet new people, or just want to check a unique item off your bucket list, find a local curling club today and sign up for a “Learn to Curl” event.